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Lectures and talks by Dr. Gary Greenberg on Science and Art - sandgrains

talks Dr. Greenberg is an enthusiastic and fascinating speaker. He is available to give lectures with PowerPoint presentations on several themes in Art and Science. View Gary's TED talk at TED X Maui HERE

Microscope Services

custom photography Custom microscope photography services for product photography, food photography, microscope videography and more. We offer Edge's unique 3D imaging technologies for the creative arts industry, merging scientific and artistic expertise to create dramatic visual images. The Edge 3D imaging technologies ( provide compelling 3D images without the need for 3D display equipment. Perfect for capturing full HD video for use with current 2D or 3D display technologies.

Books on Sand Grains - The secrets of sand and a grain of sand

books When Dr. Gary Greenberg turned his microscope on beach sand, gemlike minerals, colorful coral fragments, and delicate microscopic shells emerged, revealing that sand comprises much more than little brown rocks. You will never look at a beach the same way again. Dr. Gary Greenberg's latest book The Secrets of Sand is available now and can be purchsed oline HERE.

sand grains  microscope art photography photos microscopy artwork online Gallery Link

gallery View exotic flowers, sand grains from around the world, everyday objects such as food and money, and more. This gallery exhibits objects photographed through a high-powered light microscope, transforming them into works of art. Custom prints make unique and elegant pieces to display in your home or business and are available in several styles and sizes.

Moon Dust Sand grains microscope art photography photo microscopy artwork

moon sand The historic Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission returned to earth with samples of lunar rocks, sand, and dust so scientists could search for clues to the origin of the moon and its geologic development. Dr. Greenberg is currently studying lunar sand from all six Apollo landings that was brought back to Earth 40 years ago. He creates dramatic 3D photographs of moon sand and moon dust using modern 21st Century microscopes.

Dr. Gary Greenberg PhD

biography Photographer, inventor, and scientist, Dr Gary Greenberg has devoted his life to revealing the secret beauty of nature. Beginning his career as photographer and filmmaker, he worked on the first Superman film where he transformed human pancreatic cancer cells into the planet Kyrpton. After earning a Ph.D. in biomedical research, he went on to invent high-definition, three-dimensional light microscopes, for which he was issued eighteen US patents.

sand grains  microscope art photography photos microscopy artwork

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